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Pest Solution

Ants & Cockroaches

To control ants and cockroaches in the home or food establishments, we will use little to no odour gel bait. Once these pests have eaten the gel, their contaminated faeces and bodies can produce a “domino effect” within the ant and cockroach population.

Cost: from $120.00

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are back due to high human mobility from cities to cities. In order to eliminate them, we need to treat the entire house include all walls, floors, matteresses, furniture etc by using residual chemicals.

Cost: from $180.00


In order to have a mosquito free environment in homes and work places, regular checks and destruction of mosquito breeding is part of our life.
However, we are able to further assist you in checking of all areas of potential mosquito breeding grounds, render measures to eliminate them. We can provide thermal fogging when there are mosquito nuisance problems or disease outbreak.

Cost: from $120.00


Commonly found in Singapore not only in landed properties but also apartments. To engage certified pest control technicians to look after your property regularly to minimize damages. This will help you to save cost in any unexpected repair or renovation.

Cost: from $100.00


Using UV light trap with glue board insect control system effectively increase the number of flies attracted and destroy them. This is an environmentally friendly way to reduce fly infestation. The fly traps are available through monthly rental basis with maintenance service program. Suitable for food courts, restaurants, cafe and food factories etc.

Cost: from $50.00