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Termite Management System


Lexikon Termite Management System (Termiscan) is a unique module that compresses of Theory, Technology, Application and Solution in accordance with ASNT-TC-IA best practices. This module is designed to facilitate know-how transfer and aid Pest Management Managers in reducing guesswork and occurrence of human error in termite inspection process. Using a scientific approach, combined with the advent of new technology, this module offers a revolutionary new solution for detection termites Quickly and Accurately. This integrated cutting-edge technology which utilize in this module will also empower pest manager’s to, in effect “See” and “Read” through house’s walls, floorboards and celling, uncovered hidden problems that may go undetected in an ordinary visual inspection. At the core of this module are the abilities to potentially reduce the future risks of termite infestations and effectively develop the best practices for minimizing the environmental and public health effects of termite control. Our objective of developing this unique  module is to facilitate Pest Management Manager in achieving a higher level of competency when carrying out their termite inspection services.

Cost: From $1000.00 with full report